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New Additions to the Integration Center

For February 2021, we are excited to bring two new Integrations to the BetterCloud platform to further centralize and automate administration of your SaaS environment.

The new Azure Automation Integration enables BetterCloud users to create and execute Powershell scripts in Microsoft 365 as part of BetterCloud Workflows.

And the Workplace from Facebook integration adds user lifecycle management for this collaboration and communication tool that’s been growing in popularity as businesses have shifted focus to remote operations.


New Features

Azure Automation
Requires the Platform+Manage SKU

    • • Create a custom integration to trigger a Webhook from BetterCloud to trigger Powershell script to take specific actions in Microsoft 365, as part of BetterCloud Workflows
    • Learn more about how to integrate BetterCloud + Azure Automation here

Workplace from Facebook
Requires the Manage SKU

  • • Streamline and automate user lifecycle management
    • Provision and deprovision users
    • Manage the user and their profile or organizational attributes
  • • Add Group action
    • ○ Enabling IT admins to create Okta Groups from within BetterCloud
    • ○ Allows free text as well as supports dynamic fields
      • – Create User
      • – Set User Status
      • – Edit User Profile
      • – Set User Division
      • – Set User Manager
      • – Set User’s Organization
      • – Set User Cost Center
      • – Set User Department