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Product Tip Tuesday: Send As Alias Email Action


August 24, 2021

2 minute read

PTT SendEmailAction

Automation is the key to scaling IT activities, especially repetitive tasks that drag down the overall efficiency of a team. The ability to automate bulk updates for any department, group, or user within a network allows SaaSOps professionals to scale their work and focus on more strategic tasks.

The “Send As Alias” action in BetterCloud allows IT teams to empower individuals to send from non-primary email addresses. The power of the tool really comes in handy when you need to move a large number of individuals, departments, or groups from one domain to another. Rather than individually updating tens or hundreds of email addresses, you can use this step-by-step guide to make bulk updates with just a few clicks, starting in the “Tools” menu of your BetterCloud instance.

When would you want to do this? When employees’ email addresses need to be moved from a main domain to a subdomain, you can use the “Send As Alias” function to bulk update all affected employee email addresses, rather than recreating the email addresses and creating new accounts manually.

Using this feature in that circumstance saves IT time, effort, and money. It also creates a seamless experience for the affected employees. They won’t need to re-establish their email accounts and will be able to send email from their new address once the change takes place.

To learn more about how BetterCloud’s send-as-alias feature can enhance your bulk-updates and IT automation, check out this article within our technical knowledge base.