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SaaS Updates Summary: September 30 – October 4

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Dark mode, and 2FA, and Personal Vault, oh my! Read up on all the big SaaS updates from last week here.

Use Google 2-step Verification and Risk-based Login Challenges With 3rd-party Identity Providers
G Suite Updates | Google is making two Google login security measures available to organizations that use 3rd-party identity providers. Admins at these organizations can choose to turn on two features that significantly improve account security against various attacks on user accounts. These features are 2-step verification and risk-based login challenges.

Set up Voicemail for the Google Voice Auto Attendant
G Suite Updates | You can now set up voicemail for your Google Voice auto attendants.

Set up Google Voice Desk Phones in Batches With Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | Google Voice admins can now batch import desk phone information using Google Sheets. Previously, you could only add a single desk phone at a time. This new feature will make it faster for you to add multiple desk phones at once, similar to how you can batch assign phone numbers and port in existing numbers.

OneDrive Personal Vault and Expandable Storage Now Available Worldwide
Microsoft 365 Blog | Last week, Microsoft launched a new feature that gives you greater security for your files in the cloud. OneDrive Personal Vault uses identity verification to protect your most important files. Personal Vault is now available worldwide on all OneDrive consumer accounts.

Dark Theme Now Available for Google Voice on Android
G Suite Updates | Google Voice will now support Dark theme on Android. Dark theme is a popular feature, as it creates a better viewing experience in low-light conditions and preserves battery life.

Google Device Policy App Ending Support for iOS 9.0 Soon
G Suite Updates | The Google Device Policy app won’t support mobile devices running iOS version 9.0 or lower after the end of 2019. If your organization has advanced mobile device management (MDM) enabled, users must upgrade to iOS version 10.0 or higher to access new MDM features or to download the Device Policy app for the first time.

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