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SaaS Updates Summary: September 3 – September 7

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Here are the latest SaaS updates this week. Atlassian launched a new product called Jira Ops to serve as an incident command center for response teams. Google is making it easier to set up Android devices as company-owned, and they’re also launching an alert center for G Suite (in beta) to provide a unified view of essential notifications for admins. (Hmm, that sounds familiar…)

Dropbox is introducing preview support for three new tools for Paper, and Trello announced new admin permissions for Enterprise customers.

For more details, see below.

Jira Ops + OpsGenie: Powerful Incident Management
Atlassian Blog | First, Atlassian has entered into an agreement to acquire OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting. Over 3,000 customers, including Air Canada, The Washington Post, and Overstock, trust OpsGenie to manage their on-call schedule and notify the right people as soon as an incident occurs. Second, Atlassian is launching a new product — called Jira Ops — to serve as an incident command center, giving your response teams a central place to coordinate their work during a major incident.

What’s New in G Suite – August 2018
G Suite Updates | Check out the latest “What’s New in G Suite” launch recap (pdf) for a roundup of all G Suite launches from August 2018.

Add Dropbox Folders, Airtable, and Lucidchart to Dropbox Paper Docs
Dropbox Blog | Dropbox is introducing preview support for three new tools so you can better keep all the pieces you need in one place.

Making It Easier to Set Up Android Devices as Company-Owned
G Suite Updates | If you have advanced mobile device management but don’t register your company-owned devices in the Admin console, your users must choose to set up their devices as company-owned. To encourage more users to make this choice, Google will start showing a new screen to all users who add their G Suite account to a new Android device before adding their personal account. This change will start rolling out on September 19th, 2018; please note that it may take several weeks for it to take effect for all users.

Accurate, Efficient Customer Service With ServiceNow and Slack
Several People Are Typing | Today, through the combined power of ServiceNow’s Cloud Services and Slack’s collaboration platform, issues can be surfaced and shared more widely across the organization, and teams can rally around resolutions faster. Here’s how.

Scale Security And Productivity With New Admin Abilities In Trello Enterprise
Trello Blog | In their never-ending quest to be the best security sidekick for their Enterprise teams, Trello is excited to announce new admin permissions for Trello Enterprise customers.

Get a Unified View of Essential Notifications with the Alert Center Beta
G Suite Updates | Google is launching the alert center for G Suite in Beta. The alert center will offer a single, comprehensive view of essential notifications, alerts, and actions across G Suite. In response to these, admins can take actions to better serve and protect their organizations.

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