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SaaS Updates Summary: September 13 – September 17

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Raise your hand if you’ve always wanted more settings to protect yourself from data crossover between your personal and work accounts in Google Chat. Also, look—new custom themes in Google Sites, created by you! Read up about these updates and more in the links.

Design Your Own Custom Themes in New Google Sites
Google Workspace Updates | You can now create highly customized themes in new Google Sites that align with your organization’s brand guidelines or your own personal style.

Set the Default State for Quick Access and Host Management in Google Meet With New Admin Settings
Google Workspace Updates | Google is now adding two new controls that will allow admins to configure whether the Host Management and Quick access features will be on or off by default in their domain.

New iOS Data Protection Setting for Google Chat Protects Data Sharing Between Google Workspace and Personal Google Accounts
Google Workspace Updates | With data protection, users can only share or save content—such as files, emails, chat messages, or copied & pasted content—within Google Workspace accounts.

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