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SaaS Updates Summary: October 23 – October 27

BetterCloud Monitor

October 30, 2017

2 minute read

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Last week was a big week for BetterCloud. We held our annual customer summit, announcement four major product enhancements, and we released a book! (Get it here on Amazon.)

Microsoft To-Do Reaches General Availability

Office 365 | Microsoft To-Do, the personal task management app that integrates with Outlook tasks, has reached general availability. To-Do is a free application included in Office 365 and is accessible via a web app and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Dynamic Fields Now Available in BetterCloud Workflows

BetterCloud | Dynamic Fields makes it possible to harness unique information from across your domain to personalize and scale the actions you take in BetterCloud. When utilizing Dynamic Fields as part of manual actions, this functionality can be used to customize unique results, enrich messaging, and save time.

New Box and Office 365 Connectors

BetterCloud | Box and Microsoft Office 365 are now available as Connectors in BetterCloud!

New Salesforce and Office 365 Actions

BetterCloud | New actions are now available for your Salesforce and Office 365 Connectors in BetterCloud, which will expand vital user management options.

Limited Preview: Advanced Alerts and Google Drive

BetterCloud | Additional enhancements to Alerts in BetterCloud now make it possible to customize any available system alert, through targeted scopes that are specific to your organization. For Limited Preview customers, BetterCloud is rolling out support for Google Drive in the Files grid in BetterCloud. With this functionality enabled, exposure of files and folders from Google Drive can be added alongside Box, Dropbox, and Slack, making the breadth of your organization’s data visible for the first time.

Expanded Page Hierarchy in the New Google Sites

G Suite | Many sites require a deep page hierarchy, which is why Google is now making it possible to nest five levels of pages in the new Google Sites, up from the two levels previously allowed.

Do More From Your Inbox with Gmail Add-ons

G Suite | Rather than toggling between your inbox and other apps, use add-ons to complete actions right from Gmail.

Check Out the Most Recent G Suite Launches
G Suite | Learn about what new G Suite features and enhancements are available to your users.

Screen Sharing in Slack, Made Interactive

Slack | Screen sharing from a Slack call has gone interactive: You can invite others to write, code, design — or whatever working together means to you — all directly from your shared screen.

Asana for Gmail: The Best of Both Worlds
Asana | With this add-on, you can turn your emails with clients, customers, and teammates into actionable tasks that are tracked in Asana—without leaving your inbox.

Threat Trends and Tactics from the Latest Security Intelligence Report
Microsoft | As the cloud becomes an integral tool for modern businesses, it also has turned into an attractive target for malicious attacks. Providing an insightful picture of the threat landscape, the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) draws from billions of security signals that Microsoft processes in its consumer and enterprise services on a monthly basis.

Shields Are In, Brooms Are Out: This Year’s Top Halloween Costume Trends
Google | What are you dressing up as this year? Every Halloween, people across the United States turn to Google to search for what to wear on the spookiest night of the year.

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