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SaaS Updates Summary: November 27 – December 1

BetterCloud Monitor

December 1, 2017

2 minute read

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Lots of SaaS updates to report! There were a good number of G Suite updates for Hangouts Meet, Sites, and Team Drive, to name a few.

Zendesk and EU Data Protection
Zendesk | With the enforcement date of GDPR quickly approaching, Zendesk is updating everyone on what they’ve been doing to prepare.

System Administrator Salary – What’s The Industry Average?
Freshservice | OK, so this isn’t a SaaS update per se, but you might find this post–a study of IT system administrator salary trends across the globe–interesting nonetheless.

Easily Copy Hangouts Meet Conference Information Across Your Google Calendar Events
G Suite | There are many reasons you might want to schedule multiple Calendar events with the same Hangouts Meet conference details. To simplify this process, Google is making it easy to copy and paste Hangouts Meet conferences across events.

Easily Add a Site-Wide Footer in the New Google Sites
G Suite | Many websites, especially those created for business purposes, require a consistent footer across all of their pages. With this launch, Google is making it easy to create and manage these site-wide footers in a single place in the new Google Sites.

Committed to Storage APIs, Retiring Realtime API
G Suite | Google launched Google Realtime API in 2013 to help developers build collaborative apps using familiar JSON-based data models, while leaving the complexities of real-time synchronization to the API. Since then, they’ve developed other fast, flexible cloud-based storage solutions like Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Firestore. As a result, they’ve decided to deprecate Realtime API in favor of these new, powerful solutions.

Control Who Can Move Your Domain’s Content Out of Team Drives
G Suite | Google is introducing a new sharing setting in the Admin console that allows you, as a G Suite admin, to control who can remove content from your domain’s Team Drives and prevents your data from leaving your organization.

Host Hangouts Meet Meetings with Up to 50 Participants
G Suite | Google recently announced a few exciting additions to the Hangouts Meet suite of products and features, including support of up to 50 participants in a meeting. This feature is now available for all meetings organized by a G Suite Enterprise edition user.

Fresh Integrations from the Newest Box Technology Partners
Box | Box welcomed 21 new technology partners last quarter who are extending the capabilities of cloud content management into their applications. Featured on this list is none other than ~yours truly~!

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