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SaaS Updates Summary: November 15 – November 19

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Hey! Google is adding five new immersive backgrounds for Google Meet on the web (spiffy, right?). Plus, now you can stay up to date with new product updates and alerts cards in the Google Workspace Admin console. Check out all of the updates below.

Use New Immersive Backgrounds and Styles for Google Meet on the Web
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding five new immersive backgrounds for Google Meet on the web. The backgrounds feature subtle animation that give your background life or change your lighting.

View Richer Information About Colleagues and Stakeholders Using People Chips in Google Sheets
Google Workspace Updates | You can now add people chips directly into a Google Sheet. These chips allow you to quickly view more information about colleagues or contacts.

Spaces in Google Chat Can Now Be Deleted
Google Workspace Updates | With this capability, creators of a space can fully delete it from Chat, which includes all owned contents of the space, room tasks, and files and attachments not saved elsewhere.

Host Google Meet Meetings With Up to 500 Participants
Google Workspace Updates | For select Google Workspace editions, users can now host meetings in Google Meet with up to 500 participants.

Updates to the Transition Timeline for Classic Google Sites
Google Workspace Updates | Google is extending the previously announced timeline to make the migration process easier for Google Workspace customers. Additionally, the bulk conversion tool in the Classic Sites Manager will be temporarily unavailable.

Indicate Whether You’ll Join a Meeting Virtually or in Person, Now on Gmail
Google Workspace Updates | With these RSVP options, you can indicate how you plan to join a meeting—in the meeting room, or virtually.

Stay Up to Date With New Product Updates and Alerts Cards in the Admin Console
Google Workspace Updates | These new cards help organizations stay up to date with the latest Google Workspace product updates and improvements along with easy access to new administration and security notifications.

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