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SaaS Updates Summary: May 23 – May 27

BetterCloud Monitor

May 30, 2022

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Hey, you can finally use keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste in Google Drive Web. Plus, you can add shared drives to specific organizational units. Neat. Read up about these updates and more in the links.

Cut, copy and paste files using keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive Web
Google Workspace Updates | You can now use familiar keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C (or ⌘ + C on Mac), Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V to copy, cut and paste Google Drive files in your Chrome browser.

Copy your client-side encrypted Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files
Google Workspace Updates | If you have client-side encryption enabled for Docs, Sheets and Slides, you can now make a copy of an existing encrypted document, spreadsheet or presentation.

Embed content as a full page in new Google Sites
Google Workspace Updates | Site editors using new Google Sites can now add content as a full page from the following sources: custom code, other websites, and Google apps, such as Maps and Docs. 

Add shared drives to specific organizational units
Google Workspace Updates | For select Google Workspace editions, admins can now place shared drives into sub organizational units (OUs). 

Take action on multiple text selections in Google Docs
Google Workspace Updates | In Google Docs, you can now make multiple text selections at once, and apply actions such as delete, copy, paste, or format to all selections.

Add personal tasks from Google Chat
Google Workspace Updates | In Google Chat, you can now create personal tasks from individual or group messages.

Send group membership information in outbound SAML responses
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding the ability for admins to configure and send group membership information as part of SAML responses. 

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