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SaaS Updates Summary: May 18 – May 22

BetterCloud Monitor

May 22, 2020

2 minute read

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G Suite and Microsoft 365 have a number of new features that will hopefully make navigating this new normal a little easier. Check them out here.

Talk to People Outside of Your Domain in Google Chat
G Suite Updates | Starting on May 26th, you’ll be able to start conversations in Google Chat (previously known as “Hangouts Chat”) with people outside of your domain. You’ll be able to do this by either sending a direct message or adding them to rooms.

New ASUS Google Meet Hardware Starter Kit and Updated Meet Compute System
G Suite Updates | Google is introducing a new ASUS starter kit for Google Meet Hardware, helpful for those who take frequent video conferences from home or from smaller-sized rooms. The starter kit includes the Huddly camera, speaker mic, compute system, and remote control (versus touch controller).

From Microsoft Teams to Fluid Framework—Here’s What’s New and Coming Soon to Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Blog | Last week Microsoft announced new features and capabilities in Microsoft Teams, Fluid Framework, Project Cortex, Outlook, and Edge and introduced the new Microsoft Lists app. They represent the latest innovations in Microsoft’s ongoing effort to build tools that enable their customers to stay connected and productive from everywhere. Microsoft’s blog has all the details on these new releases.

Change to the Format of Secondary Calendar and Resources
G Suite Updates | Starting June 3, 2020, the calendar IDs associated with newly created secondary calendars and resources will have a new format. In the new format, your G Suite account’s domain name will not be included in secondary or resource calendar IDs.

New User Setting to Hide or Show Google Meet in Gmail
G Suite Updates | Google previously announced the ability to start or join a Meet call in Gmail. They’re now giving users the option to hide those features.

Distribute Certificates for Mobile Devices Via MDM
G Suite Updates | Google is making it possible to issue digital certificates to iOS and Android devices for secure access even when those devices are not connected to the corporate network. This will make it easier to provide new mobile devices with identification, authentication, and access to G Suite and other corporate resources.

Updated Admin Console for 2-step Verification and SSO for SAML Controls
G Suite Updates | Google is updating the controls you use to configure 2SV in the Admin console and is making some updates to the settings you use to set up single sign-on for SAML applications.

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