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SaaS Updates Summary: March 20-24

BetterCloud Monitor

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Last week, G Suite showed off how it helps Xero users take collaboration to the next level. Not only can you work more seamlessly, but you can also stay secure. With the new Xero and Gmail integration.

Slack unveiled app unfurls. “With app unfurls, you can add context to links with message attachments and facilitate micro-workflows using message buttons, turning links into an opportunity to give people the best possible experience with your app.”

Asana now has a Gmail task button, meaning “when you see an email notification from Asana in your Gmail inbox, you’ll see a new “View Task” button in your Gmail message.” They also announced Google Inbox grouping, which means that “Asana notifications will now all be grouped together under an “Asana” label” for Google Inbox users.

Dropbox shared how to better use Dropbox Paper. This isn’t technically and update, but Dropbox Paper is so new, we thought it was worth sharing.

Zendesk shared how they’ve teamed up with Adobe. “This integration leverages Adobe Launch’s behavioral tracking capabilities to create a proactive Zendesk Chat session with the customer, including prewritten text tailored to that customer’s experience,” according to the Zendesk blog.

Google’s new Map tool is helpful when people ask questions like: “‘Where are you now?’ and ‘What’s your ETA?'” You can share your location much easier.

Microsoft update launched BI custom visuals. “Users will be able to easily discover and quickly download BI visualizations that interact with data to find key insights and drive important business decisions.”

Last week, we covered best practices for implementing new technology, and now Google shares tips for training using G Suite.

Microsoft also shares Exchange Server’s March updates.

Lastly, Salesforce is bringing enhanced Einstein’s brain to the people. But what does it mean for Salesforce admins?

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