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SaaS Updates Summary: March 15 – 19

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Ever wanted to snooze Google Calendar notifications? Well, Google made those dreams come true last week. Plus, automatic 1:1 suggestions based on your calendar and even more video feeds in Google Meet. Read about these updates and more in the links.

Google Chat Will Automatically Suggest 1:1 Chat Based on Your Google Calendar
Google Workspace Updates | In Google Chat, you’ll now see suggested 1:1 chats based on current meetings on your Google Calendar. You’ll see the suggested conversation shortcut at the top of the Chat section in Gmail on mobile and web and in Google Chat on mobile. Suggested chats will appear at the top of the Chat section in Gmail on mobile.

Present With Confidence With the Improved Presenter Toolbar in Google Slides
Google Workspace Updates | Google is updating the presenter toolbar in Google Slides to feature the controls you need while presenting, ensuring a better, less intrusive experience for presenters and presentation viewers.

See More Video Feeds in Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | Google is expanding tile view layouts for Google Meet on iOS and Android to deliver a consistent user experience across platforms. Gradual rollout is in progress now for iOS, with rollout to Android to begin around the end of March.

Login Related Audit Events Are Now Located in a Single Location in the Admin Console
Google Workspace Updates | Google has consolidated all login related audit events to a single location within the Workspace Admin Console under Reports > Audit Log > Login. You can also use the Reports API to view information on login events.

Automate Unmanaged Account Onboarding With the User Invitation API Beta
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding a User Invitation API to the Cloud Identity API. This new API allows you to identify and manage unmanaged accounts. Unmanaged accounts are users with consumer Google accounts that share your organization’s email address. The API will enable you to manage these accounts at scale.

Snooze Google Calendar Desktop Notifications
Google Workspace Updates | You can now snooze Google Calendar desktop notifications directly from the notification itself. A top user request, this should make it less likely that you miss meetings or show up late. By default, snoozed notifications will reappear one minute before the scheduled meeting.

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