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SaaS Updates Summary: March 21 – March 25

BetterCloud Monitor

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Hey, look at that—more noise cancelling features in Google Meet. Maybe that’ll help us focus on meetings when our kids try to interrupt. Also, now you can Google Workspace add-ons to attach files to calendar events from third-party apps. Read up on these updates and more in the links.

Expanded Access for Noise Cancellation in Google Meet
Google Workspace Updates | All meeting attendees can now use noise cancellation capabilities in Google Meet if noise cancellation is available for the meeting organizer’s Google Workspace edition or if the user joins a meeting using any Google Meet hardware devices.

Develop Google Workspace Add-Ons To Attach Files to Calendar Events From Third-Party Services
Google Workspace Updates | Google Workspace developers can now create Google Workspace add-ons that attach files to a Google Calendar event from any third-party service.

Updated and Improved Audit Logs Experience in the Admin Console
Google Workspace Updates | This will bring the experience inline with the security investigation tool and create a more unified reporting experience across the Admin console.

Enable Discovery and Sharing of Spaces in Google Chat
Google Workspace Updates | You can now create spaces in Google Chat that you can share with others in your organization to join via link.

Google Meet Attendance Reports Available Now for Education Meetings With Two or More Participants
Google Workspace Updates | Google Workspace Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade users will now automatically receive an attendance report anytime a meeting has two or more participants.

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