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SaaS Updates Summary: July 11–15

BetterCloud Monitor

July 15, 2016

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There’s lots going on in the SaaS world recently. Google extended the Gmail API, and Google Apps admins will now be able to automatically provision users with SCIM 2.0. OneNote launched a new “Save a copy” feature for Class Notebooks. DocuSign, HipChat, Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Box all introduced new features and updates as well.

Gmail API: New Endpoints for Settings – If you’ve been pining for a way to update your users’ email signatures with a different inspirational quote each day or enable “Out of Office” auto-replies when their calendars are marked as busy, then you’re in luck. The Google team is extending the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings.

Say Hello to the New DocuSign for iOS – The DocuSign team has some exciting new updates to share with you today about the DocuSign app for iOS. With our latest release, we’ve added 3D Touch support, specifically Peek and Pop, which allows you to quickly take action right from the app icon on your home screen. Sign, remind, and more just by pressing down on the DocuSign app icon.

Meet Sassy Bot: Sassy Knows (Allthethings) – From the HipChat blog: Fun-loving and wise, Sassy Bot has the Internet at its disposal and isn’t afraid to use it. With a simple slash command, Sassy will retrieve images, .gifs, maps, videos, weather, and more. Armed with knowledge and a sense of humor, your team will be sure to have a laugh with this witty character.

Introducing the Freshdesk Developer Portal – The Freshdesk SDK is a robust, versatile toolkit that will give you access to all the resources, commands and the freedom needed to build apps that augment Freshdesk’s powerful support capabilities. With the SDK, Freshdesk is now flexible enough for you to make tweaks to your helpdesk and make it fit your workflow better. Expanding the horizons on your use of Freshdesk and improving efficiency is now possible without much effort or investment.

Reminder: Turn Down of Google Drive Web Hosting Coming Soon – Last year, the Google team announced the deprecation of Google Drive web hosting for users and developers, and that the service will be shut down on August 31, 2016. We’d like to remind remaining users that websites hosted via[id] will become unavailable from that date.

Office 365 News at WPC 2016 – Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team, shared some exciting Office 365 news at WPC 2016.

Automatically Provision Users with SCIM 2.0 – Following this launch of SCIM 2.0, Google Apps admins will be able to set up automated user provisioning and deprovisioning for and other apps (with support for more applications coming soon). Once auto-provisioning is enabled for a third-party application, an admin will be able to add, modify, or delete a user in the Admin console, and that user’s info will be added, modified, or deleted from the third-party application as well. Admins will also be able to check the status of and pull reports on user provisioning for all configured apps.

Take Your OneNote Class Notebooks Wherever You Go With the New “Save a Copy” Feature – As OneNote Class Notebooks become more popular, the OneNote team is often asked how a student or teacher can take their digital books with them when leaving school. Based on talking to lots of teachers and students, they’ve launched the new “Save a copy” feature for Class Notebooks.

Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips in OneDrive Mobile Apps – To help organizations empower their employees to work anywhere at any time while helping to protect their content, the Office 365 team is pleased to announce they have extended the Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips to OneDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS and Universal Windows.

Introducing DocuSign in Freshservice for Paperless Contract Management – Freshservice has integrated with DocuSign to enable departments like IT, sales, HR, legal, facilities, and finance across organizations to expedite contract management processes through e-signatures, all from within the service desk.

Introducing the Box Node.js SDK – The Box team is excited to announce the Box Node.js SDK is available! Here at Box we are big fans of Node.js and use it to build scalable web applications with millions of users. Over the last few years, we built out a robust SDK to support some of these products and we’re now ready to share those tools with the community.

Weekly Release Timeline for Box – This week Box is proud to announce that they are adding support for Checkpoint as a fulldesk encryption vendor for our DeviceTrust. In addition, they’re improving Box Notes to allow pasting images from the clipboard in Chrome. They’re also adding a strikethrough button toour inline toolbar and improving the selection of font sizes.

HipChat Apps are Sun-Kissed with New Features – HipChat published a roundup of new features and improvements from the past few weeks.