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SaaS Updates Summary: January 4 – 8

BetterCloud Monitor

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Google’s back at it after a holiday break! Last week, they announced autocorrect in comments and new options for joining Meet. Obviously there’s a lot more to know about these updates. Read more about ’em in the links!

Join a Meeting With New Options on the Google Meet Landing Page
Google Workspace Updates | Google is changing the options for a more tailored experience when Google Workspace users join or start a meeting from When you click “New meeting,” you’ll now see the following three options: Create a meeting for later, start an instant meeting, and schedule in Google Calendar.

Smart Compose and Spelling Autocorrect Available When Adding Comments in Google Docs
Google Workspace Updates | Smart compose and spelling autocorrect are available when adding comments in Google Docs. These features help users compose comments quickly and with confidence by reducing the chance of spelling and grammatical errors and suggesting relevant contextual phrases.

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