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SaaS Updates Summary: January 20 – January 24

BetterCloud Monitor

January 24, 2020

2 minute read

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Last week G Suite enhanced desktop security for Windows and G Suite Add-ons began rolling out. Our SaaS update post has the full rundown of SaaS updates from last week.

Manage Windows 10 Devices Through the G Suite Admin Console
G Suite Updates | Google is enabling enhanced desktop security for Windows with a new beta. This will allow you to manage and secure Windows 10 devices through the Admin console, just as you do for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Jamboard devices today. It will also enable SSO so users can more easily access G Suite and other SSO-enabled applications on Windows 10 devices.

G Suite Add-ons Now Generally Available in Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive
G Suite Updates | Last year Google announced the beta of G Suite Add-ons, a new cross-suite platform that connects G Suite to your favorite workplace apps. G Suite Add-ons began rolling out to all users as of last week.

See a Filterable, Searchable List of the Latest G Suite Launches
G Suite Updates | Google has recently updated the “What’s new in G Suite?” Help Center article to include recent launches. The article has a list of all the G Suite launches from the past six months. You can filter by product or search by keyword to find and learn about any launch.

Originality Reports and Rubrics Now Generally Available for Google Classroom Users
G Suite Updates | Last year, Google announced betas for originality reports and rubrics, two new tools for Google Classroom. Beginning last week, these features are generally available for G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education Classroom users.

View Data for Only Selected Call Participants in the Meet Quality Tool
G Suite Updates | You can now select specific participants when viewing meetings in the Meet Quality Tool. This allows you to display data and statistics for just a subset of the participants.

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