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SaaS Updates Summary: February 3 – February 7

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Last week saw SaaS updates from G Suite, DocuSign, and Microsoft. Google is changing the way multiple inboxes work in Gmail, Docusign has released an extension for Visual Studio, and Microsoft has added capabilities to manage eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams and Yammer. For all the details on these updates and for the scoop on all of the other SaaS updates, check out our recap post.

Changing Default Scope for Service Settings Delegated Admins
G Suite Updates | Google is changing the default scope for delegated admins with the “Service Settings” privilege. As a result, some admins may need to be re-granted access to the security center.

Managing eDiscovery for Modern Collaboration
Microsoft 365 | Microsoft is pleased to share several new capabilities in Microsoft 365 to help you manage eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams and Yammer with expanded visibility into case content.

What’s New in G Suite – January 2020
G Suite Updates | Check out the latest “What’s New in G Suite” launch recap for a roundup of all G Suite launches from January 2020.

Introducing the DocuSign Visual Studio Extension
DocuSign | DocuSign has released its first extension for Visual Studio! The new extension helps you quickly create projects or modify existing projects to use the DocuSign eSignature API (other DocuSign APIs may be added later). It automatically modifies your project to support all the necessary packages and configuration information necessary for the DocuSign eSignature API to work correctly.

New Admin Controls for Third-party App Backups in Google Drive
G Suite Updates | Admins can now choose whether their Android users can back up data from third-party apps, such as WhatsApp, to their G Suite accounts.

Improving Data Regions With Expanded Coverage and Group-based Admin Controls
G Suite Updates | Data regions allows G Suite customers to choose a specific geographic location for their covered data. Google is enhancing data regions with three key updates.

Use Groups to Manage Context Aware Access for G Suite
G Suite Updates | You can now use groups to manage context-aware access for your organization. You could previously only manage them by organizational unit (OU).

Changes to Multiple Inboxes in Gmail Starting February 20, 2020
G Suite Updates | Google is updating the way multiple inboxes work in Gmail. Specifically, starting February 20, 2020, for Rapid release domains and March 5, 2020, for Scheduled release domains, they will enhance multiple inboxes to support independent scrolling, a unified toolbar, and adjustable width in right-side configurations.

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