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SaaS Updates Summary: February 2 – 5

BetterCloud Monitor

February 8, 2021

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Want to check your camera quality before you hop into a Google Meet call? Now you can! Plus, updated features for syncing Google Drive content to your computer—and more! Read about these updates plus several others in the links.

Postmaster Tools API Now Available
Google Workspace Updates | Google is launching a Postmaster Tools API, allowing programmatic access to the email data found in the Postmaster Tools user interface. You can use the API to gather metrics on bulk emails sent to Gmail users—such as delivery errors, spam reports, feedback loop performance, and more.

Updates on How To Sync Google Drive Content to Your Computer
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making some changes to the solutions it offers to access Google Drive files and keep them in sync on your desktop. Some Google Workspace customers have deployed both sync solutions, which can be confusing for end users and challenging for IT departments to manage. It’s planning to unify these sync clients later in 2021, bringing the most used features from both Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync to all users.

Check Your Video and Peripheral Device Quality Before Joining a Google Meet Call
Google Workspace Updates | Google is making it possible to quickly preview how you’ll appear to others before entering a Google Meet video call. You can use this new functionality to confirm that peripheral devices are properly configured and corrected, to check that your network connectivity is good, and to understand the impact of noise cancellation on your audio (if it’s available to your account).
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