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SaaS Updates Summary: February 18 – February 22

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Didn’t catch the SaaS updates last week? Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Google announced a change in Hangouts notifications for Android, launched a new feature in Vault that will help you copy your chats from Mail and preserve your messages, and updated the “What’s new in G Suite?” Help Center article to make it easier to search (an update to updates? How meta).

Change to Per-Conversation Settings in Classic Hangouts on Android
G Suite Updates | Google is moving notification settings for classic Hangouts conversations to notification channels on O+ Android devices. With these changes, customized ring tones and chat messaging tones per conversation/contact will be removed and defaulted to the general app settings.

See a Filterable, Searchable List of the Latest G Suite Launches
G Suite Updates | Google has just updated the “What’s new in G Suite?” Help Center article to include recent launches.

Easily Copy Your Gmail Holds to Hangouts Chat in Google Vault
G Suite Updates | Beginning on April 16, 2019, Mail retention rules and holds will stop protecting chat messages in classic Hangouts. Instead, Hangouts Chat retention rules and holds will protect chat messages in both classic Hangouts and Chat. Google is launching a new feature in Vault to help you copy your holds from Mail to Hangouts Chat, with a few clicks.

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