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SaaS Updates Summary: February 11 – February 15


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It was a week filled with big updates from Google. The tech giant made it easier to manage your inbox and automate processes with new APIs. For all the updates from the week, read on.

Easily Take Action in Gmail With New Right-Click Context Menu Options
G Suite Updates | Google is adding more options to the right-click context menu in Gmail.

Manage Workflows and Automate Processes With the New Google Docs API
G Suite Updates | With the new Docs API, there are more ways to build services that better support your business and improve your workflows. For documents that require consistency, collaboration, and accuracy — like invoices, proposals, contracts, and reports — the API will help automate common word processing tasks with the real-time editing and collaboration of Docs.

Easily Refresh Salesforce Data in Sheets
G Suite Updates | Google announced that you’ll soon have the option to refresh the Salesforce data populated in Sheets using the Salesforce data connector. You can refresh this data manually or schedule the data to be refreshed. Google encountered an unexpected issue with this launch, but they expect to have it resolved in the coming days.

Google Drive and Google Docs Available in Burmese and Welsh
G Suite Updates | Google is expanding their language offerings in Docs, Sheets, Slides, new Sites, Forms, and Drive on the web to include Burmese and Welsh.

Slack Gives Us an Early Valentine With Its New Visual App-Design Tool
Several People are Typing | To help increase the number of integrations available to its users, Slack introduced a new WYSIWYG UI tool called Block Kit Builder.

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