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SaaS Updates Summary: December 2 – December 6

BetterCloud Monitor

December 6, 2019

3 minute read

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Last week saw a number of Google Sites updates, dark mode for Google Tasks, and a change to search results in the admin console. We have the full run-down of SaaS updates from last week here.

Improvements to Image Carousels, Table of Contents, and Buttons in New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | Google is adding new options to recently released features in the new Google Sites.

Drive File Suggestions in Google Chrome Will Be Generally Available Beginning in December
G Suite Updates | Drive file suggestions in Chrome allow users to search their Google Drive files directly from the Chrome URL bar, instead of

Dark Mode Available for Google Tasks on iOS
G Suite Updates | Google Tasks will now automatically respect the system default setting when it’s set to “Dark” on iOS 13. Dark theme is a popular feature, as it creates a better viewing experience in low-light conditions and preserves battery life.

View the Version History of a New Google Site
G Suite Updates | Google is starting to add version history for sites created in new Google Sites, a highly requested feature from our site owners and editors. Version history will roll out over the course of 2020 for both users creating new sites as well as for previously existing sites. Version history will be gradually enabled on a user-by-user basis for newly created sites, while a separate rollout will enable version history for previously existing sites.

Embed Cloud Search in Your New Google Sites
G Suite Updates | Google is adding a Cloud Search integration in new Google Sites. Site editors can now replace in-site search with Cloud Search, or add an always-open Cloud Search box to the header, body, or footer of the site itself. Adding Cloud Search to your new Google Sites will give site viewers more powerful search, allowing them to find content across other Google Sites as well as other G Suite content. Search results are available to the site viewers directly from within the new Google Site itself.

New Option to Make Security Codes More Secure
G Suite Updates | Google is giving you another option to determine how security codes can be used in your organization. A security code is a one-time use code, generated using a security key, that can be used to log in on legacy platforms where security keys aren’t supported directly. With this launch they’re adding an option to restrict the use of codes to the same device or network that they were generated on.

Review the Latest Changes to a New Google Site Before Publishing
G Suite Updates | Before publishing changes to your new Google Sites, you can now compare the currently published site with the soon-to-be-published draft site in an annotated, side-by-side view.

See More Helpful Search Results in the Admin Console
G Suite Updates | Google is making some updates to the search results you’ll see when you search in the G Suite Admin console. You may notice a new box on the results page with links to the Help Center and other content to help answer FAQs related to your search, improved readability to help you find the right search result quickly, and continued use of tabs which help you quickly refine search results.

Use Hangouts Meet with Internet Explorer 11
G Suite Updates | Google has added limited Hangouts Meet support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. You’ll need to download and install the latest version of the Google Video Support Plugin for Meet to run on Internet Explorer.

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