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SaaS Updates Summary: April 26 – April 30

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Worried about managing emails from external users? Now Gmail will mark ’em as “external” to let you know that maybe you should pay close(r) attention to it. That seems…way overdue, at least to me. Read about this update and many others in the links.

Admins Will Now Be Alerted When There Is an Issue With Their Google Voice Auto Attendants or Ring Groups
Google Workspace Updates | Admins will now receive an alert in the Admin console’s Alert Center when an issue is detected with their auto attendant or ring group configuration along with instructions on how to quickly resolve the issue.

Edit Details in Line With Google Tasks on the Web
Google Workspace Updates | You can now add additional information to your personal tasks without opening the “Details” dialog box. Google hopes this change makes it faster and easier for you to add descriptions, assign dates and times, and organize your tasks.

Apply Context-Aware Access Policies to Mobile and Desktop Applications
Google Workspace Updates | Admins can now assign existing or new context-aware access levels to Google desktop and mobile applications. With context-aware access, you can set up different access levels based on a user’s identity and the context of the request (location, device security status, IP address).

Email Threads With Recipients Outside Your Organization Will Be Labeled “External”
Google Workspace Updates | Google is adding a new “External” label to email threads that include recipients outside your organization. This adds to the existing external recipient warning banner, which is displayed when responding to emails sent from outside of your organization.

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