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SaaS Updates Summary: April 17-21

BetterCloud Monitor

April 24, 2017

3 minute read

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Last week, Microsoft introduced a new product and we saw several big announcements from Facebook along with the usual big wigs.

Track Google+ Adoption Levels at Your Organization with New Usage Metrics in the Admin Console and the Reporting API

G Suite | Perhaps this is a trial run for other G Suite apps? Google is “adding new enterprise-focused Google+ usage reporting in the Admin console and the Reporting APIs.” The API point is an important one because it means platforms like BetterCloud will be able to integrate with these reports in the future.

How to Find and Connect with Your Coworkers in Slack

Slack | Slack shares tips to get the most out of its directory, user profiles, and user groups. There are some great best practices in here for Slack admins.

Announcing General Availability of Office 365 from Local Datacenters in South Korea

Office 365 | For companies with offices in the APAC region, this may be exciting news. Microsoft is announcing general availability of Office 365 from our new cloud datacenters in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. This makes Microrsoft the first global cloud productivity provider offering customer data residency in South Korea.

The More the Merrier: Add Teams to Zendesk Support

Zendesk | Does it help to add other teams to your Zendesk instance? Teams like Engineering, Sales, or even billing? Zendesk found that 62 percent of customers they surveyed added one or more teams after implementation. From that subset of respondents, 91 percent reported that sharing their Support instance led to increased support operations efficiency.

Customize Our Site with Logos, Matching Colors, and More in the New Google Sites

G Suite | It is now possible to add a logo to your Google site and to use the colors from that logo to customize your site further.

Updates to Admin Console to Always Show the Latest Data, “Date Picker” Being Removed

G Suite | Via Google: “This week’s Admin console release changes the default behavior of the Highlights, Aggregate Reports, and Security reports in the Admin console to always show the latest available metrics for each data source.” Now the date picker is gone from the admin console and Google always “show you the latest available metrics and notify you when metrics are delayed.”

Share Directly from Dropbox with our Workplace by Facebook Integration

Dropbox | Dropbox teams up with Facebook to let you access files from Dropbox directly in Workplace.

Facebook’s Workplace Adds File-sharing, Bots, and More To Stick It to Slack

Facebook Workplace | With these updates, Facebook’s productivity solution is growing into a compelling alternative to Slack and other competitors.

New for Asana Mobile: Tags, Spotlight Search, 1Password, and More

Asana | Yesterday was an exciting day for Asana users, especially those that work on the go.

Introducing Microsoft To-Do: Now Available in Preview

Office 365 | To-Do “delivers a smarter, more personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized and get the most out of every day.” To-do is integrated with Office 365 and is now available in Preview.

Scan Your Printed Photos in Just One Tap

Google | PhotoScan, one of Google’s many apps, which already removes the glare from scanned photos now lets you share them straight from their app, meaning you “don’t have to wait long to send off that childhood photo of you rocking your favorite pink velvet top.”

In-App Support for Everyone: The Zendesk Kit on Fabric

Zensdesk | The new Zendesk kit on Fabric brings in-app support to thousands of mobile developers using the Fabric development platform.With the Zendesk kit, you can add customer self-service, messaging, and app review prompts right into your app.

Office 365 ProPlus Updates

Office 365 | Here’s what’s coming to Office 365 ProPlus: 1) Two updates a year instead of three 2) Support extended to 18 months 3) Now comes with System Center Configuration Manager support. Also, Microsoft is now offering a limited preview of new upgrade assessment tools “that will catalogue the add-ins and VBA solutions in use in your organization, identify potential issues with the upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus, and recommend steps for remediation.”

Salesforce Spring ’17 Release Notes

Salesforce | This ongoing document includes every Salesforce update for Spring 2017. It’s 528 pages long! Very helpful for Salesforce admins and users.

Tomato, Tomahto. Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users

Google | Now, you can connect up to six accounts to your Google home. Google Product Manager for Google Voice Yuri Pinsky writes: “So now when I ask my Google Assistant for help, it can distinguish my voice from my wife’s and I can hear my own personal playlists, my own commute time, my own schedule and more.”

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