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SaaS Updates Summary: April 11 – April 15

BetterCloud Monitor

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Google added some new autocorrect functionality in Sheets, which should save folks like me who are, well, not the best at writing formulas. Also, if you’re into no-code solutions, now you’ve got one to create automations across Google Workspace. Read up about all of last week’s updates in the links.

Specify Which Google Chat Notifications From Chat and Gmail To Receive When Your iOS Device Is in Focus Mode
Google Workspace Updates | You can now specify which Google Chat and Gmail contacts you still want notifications from when your iOS device is in Focus mode.

Intelligent Corrections for Formulas in Google Sheets
Google Workspace Updates | These intelligent, context-aware corrections help you improve and troubleshoot many different kinds of formulas.

New Port for Google Meet Media and TLS Support for Meet on Mobile
Google Workspace Updates | Google Meet now supports SRTP in TLS on mobile, which increases overall compatibility and helps ensure a higher quality video meetings with Google Meet.

Build Custom, Integrated Solutions Across Google Workspace With the New AppSheet Apps Script Connector
Google Workspace Updates | Google is introducing a new AppSheet and Apps Script connector which allows you to extend custom, no-code apps to integrate and automate workflows across Google Workspace.

Additional Functionality for the Apps Script Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Script Editor
Google Workspace Updates | Google is now adding several new features to the IDE to help achieve functional parity with the legacy IDE experience.

Join a Google Meet Call From Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides
Google Workspace Updates | You can now join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition to the present to Meet option, you can select “Join the call” to quickly join and present.

Additional One-Click Recommended Actions in the Alert Center
Google Workspace Updates | In the Alert Center, Admins will see new “device wipeout” and “email quarantine” as additional one-click recommended actions.

Use Context-Aware Access To Help Protect Admin Console Access
Google Workspace Updates | Now, Google is launching a new beta that will allow users to respond to external forms that contain File Upload questions, while also helping to prevent the leak of sensitive and confidential information.

Smart Reply in Google Slides
Google Workspace Updates | Now, Smart Reply in Google Slides saves you time replying to comments in Slides by suggesting relevant replies.

Update To Message ID in Google Chat Audit Logs
Google Workspace Updates | Giving and receiving feedback is a key collaborative workflow in Google Docs. The new emoji reactions feature provides a less formal alternative to comments to express your opinions about document content.

Japanese Grammar Suggestions for Gmail
Google Workspace Updates | You’ll now see grammar suggestions as you type in Japanese in Gmail. Grammar suggestions can help you write faster and more accurately.

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