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SaaS Updates for July 27, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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Google introduced several new Hangouts features, like sharing your group chats with short links. Microsoft announced two new tools for Outlook–Focused Inbox and @mentions–and published a July roundup of new cloud-powered features for Office 365.

Better group chat controls are coming to Google Hangouts – Many organizations use group chats in Google Hangouts to manage projects, plan events, and participate in other chat and collaboration tasks. Google is happy to announce that in the coming weeks several features are coming to Google Hangouts to make it more easy and useful to use group chats at work.

Outlook helps you focus on what matters to you – We are being inundated with more information, more communication and more email vying for our attention. It is more critical than ever to have tools that help us cut through the noise and focus on what matters most. Outlook is expanding the availability of two new experiences to do just that—Focused Inbox and @mentions.

New to Office 365 in July—new intelligent services Researcher and Editor in Word, Outlook Focused Inbox for desktop and Zoom in PowerPoint – This month, Microsoft is releasing a new set of cloud-powered intelligent services in Office apps designed to save you time and produce better results. These features help you improve your writing in Word, deliver dynamic presentations in PowerPoint and prioritize the emails that matter most to you in Outlook.