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SaaS Updates for January 12, 2017

BetterCloud Monitor

January 12, 2017

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With today’s Google Classroom updates, Google is making learning and teaching as easy as ABC. There are lots of new features that teachers, students, admins, and developers alike will appreciate.

  • New notifications for teachers: Teachers will now receive two new types of Classroom notifications (one when students submit work after the due date, and one when students re-submit work).
  • New individualized work for students: Teachers can now choose to share assignments, posts, or questions with the entire class or just a subset of students.
  • New data for admins: Classroom data will now be included in the Admin Console Reports, giving admins metrics on Classroom usage and how many classes and posts are being created (both in aggregate and by user).
  • New Classroom API capabilities for developers: To make integrations with Classroom more seamless for developers, integrated applications can now programmatically add materials to coursework or student submissions. They can also modify and delete existing coursework they’ve created, as well as add Drive items and YouTube videos to coursework and student submissions.

In other news, DocuSign introduced Supplemental Documents, which allows companies to include supporting materials (like legal disclosures or terms & conditions) as a different and distinct part of the envelope without distracting from the primary documents that need to be signed.

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