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SaaS Updates for May 6, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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Well, the first week of May has come to a close and the good news is that if this week is anything like the rest of the month, we’re going to be very pleased with all of the upcoming updates. This week Box launched a product dedicated for government customers and Google unveiled some exciting features for its Android Keyboard. Office 365 summarized the new features announced in April and announced new collaboration updates for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

Amidst a New FedRAMP Certification Win, Box Launches Box for Government – Box is setting its goals high as it goes after government customers. Box recently received provisional authority to operate as FedRAMP certified and also released a new product called Box for Government. The two moves complement each other very nicely from the perspective of a federal agency.

Office Blog Summarizes All Features and Updates from April in Latest Roundup – In the April 2016 roundup blog post, the Office 365 team summarizes the updates from April and includes their praise for user feedback. They detail all of the accomplishments in the Office 365 admin center, such as the new dashboard customization features, end user customization, access to additional usage reports, among many others.

Office 365 Announces Collaboration Between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint OnlineIn this latest Microsoft Mechanics video, Office 365 details the new collaboration features available for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. The blog post analyzes the journey of a file and explains the Office 365 thought process in building specific features. The article also gives a preview of other upcoming features, such as SharePoint document library improvements.

Google Keyboard for Android Includes New Feature that Allows You To Remove Autocheck Suggestions – Last week, Google announced announced a one-handed mode on the Google Keyboard for Android, however there is another feature that’s been recently discovered. As reported by The Verge, you can now remove autocheck  suggestions that you don’t want to use. For instance if the word “three” is often the auto-correct for when you are trying to type out “there,” you can remove “three” from the suggestions and notion to Google that this isn’t the word you’re going for.