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SaaS Updates for April 22, 2016


April 21, 2016

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Google wraps up the week with two updates. Of interest to developers, Google is moving to establish stronger and modern security across Google accounts by focusing on support for the current OAuth standard, OAuth 2.0. Additionally, many new features are available on Google Sheets for Android.

Google Shuts Down OAuth 1.0 (3LO) РGoogle aims to increase security and reduce complexity for developers. To make this happen, Google has discontinued OAuth 1.0 (3LO) and is focusing its efforts on the current OAuth standard, OAuth 2.0. This coming October, OAuth 1.0 (2LO) will also be shutting down.

Chart Away to Your Heart’s Desire on Google Sheets for Android – The capabilities of working with charts on Google Sheets for Android are seemingly endless. On Thursday, Google announced that you can add or change a chart’s title, change the color of a series in a chart, and specify where the chart’s legend should be located.