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SaaS Updates for February 23, 2017

BetterCloud Monitor

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Well, Google’s 2-step verification process just got a lot better. Starting this week, users (who have opted into receiving phone prompts for 2-SV) will notice improved notifications when trying to sign in. Check out the screenshot below:

Image courtesy of G Suite Updates

Also, Google added the ability to rotate text in Google Sheets (huzzah!), along with improved accounting number formats, more border styles, and additional improvements on mobile.

In Office 365 news, the OneNote Class Notebook add-in now includes new features like grade scale support for Canvas and Skooler, stickers, and more.

And finally, Box published a blog post on some recent partner integrations–there are now 175 partners who have built integrations with Box. Some of the recent partners from last quarter include Aha!, Auth0, Kony, and more.

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