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SaaS Updates for August 16, 2016

BetterCloud Monitor

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Google introduced enhanced third-party access protection for Google Sheets, and Zendesk released updates to give more visibility into the customer experience. Asana published a roundup of recent mobile updates, and Insightly unveiled an enhanced MailChimp integration (chimp-igration).

Enhanced third-party access protection for Google Sheets – Google is always working to keep their users’ information safe. As part of these ongoing efforts, they will begin requiring explicit authorization when third-party sites request access to Google Sheets content via the Google Visualization API or Google Query Language.

Three new tools to make you a better support leader – Zendesk recently released updates that give businesses more visibility into the customer experience. A few of those updates include:

  • Satisfaction Reasons: a way to get more from CSAT surveys
  • Pathfinder app enhancements: see web pages customers have visited and web widget activity
  • Updates to the macros admin interface: greater visibility into which macros agents use the most

What’s new on Asana mobile – Most of us have to stay connected to our team’s work even when we’re not sitting at our computers. Asana’s mobile apps help you do just that, and over the last few months they’ve rolled out new features to enhance both their iOS and Android apps.

Delivering an Enhanced MailChimp “Chimp-Igration” – There’s something comforting about a clean and friendly e-newsletter filled with bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to scan and take in. Insightly agrees, which is one of the many reasons they’re making the process of leveraging the power of MailChimp more sophisticated with their enhanced MailChimp integration (chimp-igration).