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(Re)introducing the SaaSOps Show, Featuring Justine and Brian


March 26, 2021

2 minute read

SaaSOpsShow featureimage

Around this time last year, the COVID-19 pandemic started changing everything about how we do everything. Like most people around the world, everyone at BetterCloud was sent home to live the WFH life for what turned out to be an indefinite amount of time.

It was also around this time last year that we decided to create a YouTube channel for IT pros. Our goal was for the show to be equal parts informative and fun. We also wanted to see if we could turn two of our own IT folks into YouTube influencers. Just kidding (kind of).

So on April 17th, we released the first episode of The SaaSOps Show, starring our Director of SaaSOps Justine Bienkowski and our Senior IT Manager Brian Farrell. It received…some fanfare.

“Isn’t it great that we get to work from home for a few days? This is going to be awesome!” -Justine, probably

At the time, Justine and Brian (probably) thought that they’d only need to record this episode from home. But then the world said, “Ha! Don’t bother getting out of your pajamas for the next 18 months!”

We joke (and so do Justine and Brian on a consistent basis), but the SaaSOps Show has evolved into a really interesting and informative resource for modern IT professionals of all levels.

In the time since they shot that first episode, Justine and Brian have simulated security responses, Jamf’ed on no-touch reinstalls, and reacted to BetterCloud’s new (and awesome) Workflow Templates. Plus, they debated the age-old question of whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza (the answer is no, for the record).

And as you can see below, we try to make the SaaSOps Show fun for everyone.

I’m sold. How can I find the SaaSOps Show?

You can find the SaaSOps Show (and Justine and Brian, of course) on YouTube! More specifically, we made a playlist for the show on BetterCloud’s official YouTube channel.

Have any topics you’d like Justine and Brian to discuss? Want to chime in on whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich? As they say in the biz, let us know in the YouTube comments!