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With Slack + BetterCloud, admins can get the control over users, data, and settings that is needed for a secure organization-wide adoption of Slack.

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Ensure Data Security

Have a single view of public files in Slack. Monitor critical security alerts such as when a public file sharing link is created or a new administrator is added. With BetterCloud, IT can get notified and automatically revoke public sharing link access, either through one-off, bulk, or automated policies.

Granular Management of Slack Environment

Manage your Slack workspaces, users, guests, admins, groups, channels, and documents from a centralized org-wide dashboard. IT can create custom admins roles with functionality to limit the types of actions admins can take (create, edit, delete) and the types of data they can act on (users, groups, files).

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Protect Your Most Important Data

Prevent exfiltration of sensitive data caused by improper access to reports, exported reports, and impersonated logins. For example, a user exporting a report with over 150 rows multiple times within a short window may indicate that they are intending to leave the organization and take information with them. In BetterCloud, you can monitor this type of activity and create granular policies that automatically remediate the incident.


70+ integrations provided out-of-the-box

Get control over your apps, data, and users roles to ensure that all your compliance and security standards are being met.