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Save Time, Money, and More: The Power of Effective SaaS Management

The average organization uses 130 SaaS apps, creating a tremendous amount of SaaS management work for IT. With the added layer of budget restrictions and little-to-no headcount, it’s no secret that IT teams are overwhelmed.

To combat the increased workload, IT teams are leveraging SaaS management platforms (SMPs), like BetterCloud, to automate user life-cycle management tasks and day-to-day operations. Join Erin Avery, Chief Marketing Officer at BetterCloud, and David Bean, VP of Infrastructure Engineering at BetterCloud for insights into:

  • Our very first SMP Impact Report which reveals the measurable efficiencies gathered and aggregated from real customer data
  • How IT leaders are accelerating productivity to drive business growth for the organization with effective SaaS management
  • How SaaS management platforms generate quick time to value and how customers see ROI in less than one month
  • Tips and tricks for advocating for a new tool with economic and budget restrictions

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