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New Alerts and Actions in BetterCloud

We are excited to announce the release of impactful new alerts and actions in BetterCloud. From helping to identify shadow IT to enhancing security measures, these new releases strengthen existing use cases and offer new controls to admins in BetterCloud.


Alert: Dropbox Account Captured

Working in conjunction with the team at Dropbox, we developed a process for customers to combat shadow IT in their Dropbox environments. When a user creates a Dropbox account with their work email, Dropbox can capture that account and migrate it into the company’s Enterprise Dropbox account. This process will now trigger an alert in BetterCloud when the user’s account is found and moved into the sanctioned Enterprise account.

This new alert will give Dropbox admins insight into which users have moved their account and can be used to trigger necessary actions on newly captured users. For example, IT might want to create a ticket in Zendesk each time a new user is captured so that they can investigate which mobile devices and third party apps are connected to the account. This workflow will allow them to ensure the settings and configurations of that account conform to the company’s security policies. If the user is new to the company, this alert can enable admins to trigger onboarding steps, such as automatically adding that user to the right groups, sharing relevant folders, and setting their role. Learn more about how to set up and customize this alert and others in our help center article.


Action: Google Generate 2 Factor Code

You can now generate Google 2 factor codes for users who are locked out of their account or being onboarded. To execute this common action in the G Suite admin console today requires full super admin access, which can hurt efficiency for busy teams. In BetterCloud, any admin whose permissions allow them to take action will be able to generate 2 factor codes for users from either Action Engine or through a workflow. These codes can either be sent directly to the user via email, viewed in the audit logs, or sent to a group of admins. By empowering more team members to generate 2 factor codes from a centralized place or automating the action as part of the onboarding process, busy IT teams can save time.


Action: Office 365 Reset Password

Using BetterCloud, admins can now reset a user’s Office 365 password through Action Engine or Workflows. This action can be used in response to one-off requests or to remediate potential security violations across applications. For example if a user has lost their device or they show signs of a compromised account (e.g. logging in outside of an approved IP address in Okta or sharing a Dropbox file with a competitor’s domain), then IT can reset that user’s Office 365 password to remove access to other privileged information. This action can also be a standard part of an automated offboarding workflow to ensure a user’s access to their Office 365 account is fully revoked once they leave the company.


Action: Box Convert Co-Admin to User

With the goal of helping IT teams achieve best practice by enforcing a least privilege access model, we now offer the ability to convert a co-admin to a user in Box. This action, which can be found in Action Engine and Workflows, allows admins to take away a user’s co-admin status in the case that the user should retain their access to Box, but should no longer remain a co-admin.