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Enhancements to Workday integration, Secure module and Workflow attributes

BetterCloud continues to innovate our products to best support your growing business. We are announcing the general availability of enhancements to the Workday integration and Secure module data exposure reports, as well as new Workflow attributes.

New Features

Workday Integration Enhancements

We have added 5 new triggers and conditions to our Workday integration:

  • Supervisory Organization (Department)
  • Manager Email
  • Location (Office location)
  • User Type
  • Cost Center

These new triggers and conditions add to those currently available: 

  • New User Created
  • User Status Changed
  • User Title

Customers can leverage Workday new conditions & triggers to create more granular workflows, assist in enabling Zero-Touch onboarding & mid-lifecycle management, and enhance customer experience & satisfaction. Along with the existing conditions, employee lifecycle management workflows can be initiated in a timely manner with accurate data based on HR events. Looking for more tips, read here and watch the demo.

Secure Module Update

For those customers utilizing the Data Exposure page to gain quick insight into Google My Drive file exposure risks, we have added Box as a provider to the Oversharing Policies. Organizations that use Box will now see the External and Public Policy pages updated to include Box files and folders in the violations grid as well as insight calculations. Customers can quickly browse a list of exposed Google My Drive & Box files and filter data to more quickly navigate and assess security risk. 

Secondary email for Microsoft 365 account

A secondary email option has been added to the update user profile screen in Microsoft 365. This will allow IT admins to leverage the secondary email to send passwords to a new hire so they can be productive on day one. Adding Secondary Email address edit/update ability enables customers to achieve true zero-touch onboarding.

Workflow – Wait for Duration

We reduced the wait for duration minimum and introduced minutes as an option. This gives customers greater flexibility to reduce the minimum waiting time in between actions in workflows. This update also enhances the zero-touch workflow experience by increasing the success rate of actions.