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New features in BetterCloud – November 7, 2019

New Actions for G Suite

We are excited to announce our new actions: Archive User and Unarchive User for our G Suite integration. 

BetterCloud has the ability to Archive and Unarchive Users as per G Suite’s new licensing model, enabling your organization to control the costs using the two new G Suite Actions.

Google recently announced a new SKU for G Suite, Archived User (AU) licenses, replacing Vault former Employee (VfE) licensing. VfE is being phased out by December 2020. AU licenses introduce costs within the organization by charging a flat rate per user per month. Google recommends using AU license to preserve the user’s data. 

Note: BetterCloud’s new Archive and Unarchive User actions require an organization to have already acquired Archive User (AU) licenses for their respective G Suite Business or Enterprise Editions. 


Archive User:

With this action, admins are able to save on overall IT spend, while still maintaining and preserving that user’s data in Google Vault. If no Archive User (AU) licenses are available, the archiving process fails and the user remains in their existing state. 


Unarchive User:

With this action, admins are able to revert the user back to its original state from Archived state. If the original user license is not available, the unarchiving process fails and the user remains in the archived state.

We are excited to enable you to take advantage of these actions to automate this process within your workflows.