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Integration and Workflow Template Updates

BetterCloud continues to build out the capabilities of our leading SaaSOps platform, and this month we are excited to announce the following new integrations and enhancements:

  • • Sumo Logic Action Enabled Integration
  • • New Jump Cloud Actions
  • • New Workflow Template: “Assign Phone”


Sumo Logic Action Enabled Integration

BetterCloud’s Sumo Logic integration empowers users to forward BetterCloud Alerts, Workflow history, and Audit Logs to Sumo Logic for advanced analysis. This ensures that these logs are aggregated alongside all of the other key data points from your IT environment. BetterCloud also provides User Lifecycle Management capabilities to aid in Sumo Logic account creation and management.

New actions include:

  • • Create User
  • • Set User Status
  • • Set User Name
  • • Assign User to Role
  • • Remove User from Role
  • • Remove User from all Roles
  • • Delete User
  • • Reset Password
  • • Unlock User
  • • Send Log to Sumo Logic


New Jumpcloud Actions

BetterCloud’s integration with Jumpcloud now includes more actions to aid in User Lifecycle Management. This includes additional actions for user provisioning, group maintenance, and security policies.

  • • Add User to Group
  • • Remove User from Group
  • • Remove User from all Groups
  • • Update User
  • • Grant Admin (should be able to be done by updating “sudo:true” on the user object
  • • Revoke Admin
  • • Expire password:
  • • Reset Password
  • • Lock User
  • • Set Users Title
  • • Set Users Department
  • • Set Users Location
  • • Suspend Users account
  • • Restore Users account
  • • Unlock User


New Workflow Template: “Assign Phone”

We’ve released a new Workflow Template to streamline the onboarding of new users. “Assign Phone” is a new Template that can be used on its own for provisioning new users on phone systems or as a component of the full onboarding Workflow Template.