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New Actions and Directory Enhancements

Today we’re announcing an assortment of fresh actions and enhancements, both for increased automation and greater visibility.

Slack Actions

Set User’s Email

This action changes a user’s primary email address in Slack. To save yourself time with this action, automate email address changes for your users. For example, when you offboard an account, you may change a user’s email address in Google to reflect their status. Now you can also have BetterCloud automatically change their email address in Slack, ensuring no confusion from inconsistent email addresses, and preventing you from having to login to Slack to change it manually yourself. Get even more out of your Workflow by automating email changes for several connectors at once, as in the Workflow above.

Unarchive Channel

Centralize your management of all types of groups across your connectors with the added ability to unarchive Slack channels. Revert unintentionally archived channels, or simply restore a newly relevant conversation.

Added License Types for G Suite License Actions

In order to support more complete automation of G Suite license assignments, we’ve added five additional license types to the Assign License and Unassign License actions:

  • G Suite Enterprise
  • G Suite Business
  • G Suite Basic
  • Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Identity Premium

This will open a new spectrum of possibilities in your onboarding and offboarding Workflows for G Suite, enabling license management as granular as your Workflow conditions.

Please note: In order to take these actions successfully, auto-licensing must be turned off in the Google Admin Console.

Last Login Date for Box and Dropbox

We have now begun syncing in login events for Box and Dropbox, which will allow us to populate the Last Login column in the Users Directory for these providers. This additional field will open up more options for sorting and filtering your users, as well as providing you with a quicker overview of login activity in directory exports. Active accounts without recent logins could indicate licenses that aren’t being put to use, so now you can more easily audit potentially wasteful spending on licenses.

Please note: Last login information is only available from this point forward. If a user has not logged in since we started syncing in this data, they will continue to display with a dash in the Last Login column. Additionally, using the “Sign in with Google” button to sign into Dropbox does not produce a login event.