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Workflow Notifications

We’re delighted to announce the release of a new feature that will allow you to configure notifications whenever a Workflow runs. Rather than manually confirming the results of a Workflow, you will receive an email with the Workflow’s status and a direct link to the results within BetterCloud.

Notifications can be configured to send for all instances that complete with any status, or for individual statuses such as ones that complete successfully, complete with errors, are stopped manually, or fail to complete. Each of these statuses can be directed to different users, depending on who needs to follow up on or monitor the results. For example, you can notify your HR team when an offboarding Workflow completes successfully, while your IT team may need to review the same Workflow if there were errors in execution, to ensure all offboarding actions are completed. You can also customize the email using dynamic fields from the Workflow’s metadata, which provide you with the Workflow’s name, status, and Instance ID, as well as data about any users the Workflow targeted.

We hope that these notifications will allow you to move toward true automation, as you can let your Workflows run in the background and receive confirmation of their results without even logging into BetterCloud.

For instructions on setting up Workflow notifications, check out this article in our help center.