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Significant Content Scanning Enhancements, Security Workflow Templates, and Workflow Conditions

BetterCloud is committed to improving our leading SaaSOps platform to enable better operational efficiency and increased control over your SaaS environment. To support that, this month we are excited to announce the following improvements to the BetterCloud platform:

  • • Custom Regular Expression and Keyword Search for Content Scanning
  • • New Security-focused Workflow Templates
  • • Workflow Conditions

Custom Regular Expressions & Keyword Search for Content Scanning

Custom Regex and Keyword Search gives customers the flexibility to define what they consider to be “sensitive data” when performing content scans, beyond the 95+ pre-built data categories that BetterCloud already includes. These data types could be specific personally identifiable information (PII), specific GDPR or CCPA requester email, or any custom data type chosen by the user. Custom regexes are savable for use in future content scans so that they do not have to be recreated each time.

7 New Security-Focused Workflow Templates

We have released the following Workflow Templates: 

  • • Monitor Large Files to assist with managing storage space quota
  • • Secure Group Viewing to ensure only group members can view data and messages in groups
  • • Limit Administrator Access to notify the appropriate team members when an administrator has been removed from an application
  • • Monitor Email Forwarding to alert and turn off dangerous email forwarding settings
  • • Privatize Group Membership to limit group membership to invitees, rather than allowing anyone to join
  • • Secure Group Posting to secure group posting to members of the group.
  • • Remove External Memberships to automates the removal of external users from groups

These Workflow Templates make it easy to quickly set up important security use cases for a number of applications in your environment.

Workflow Conditions

BetterCloud now offers the ability to better curate Workflows with new Conditions for G Suite. The new Workflow Conditions solve for the use case of differentiating your workflows based on specific user attributes, like the user’s office location or country. 

Below is a list of the recently released Workflow Conditions for G Suite: 

  • • User’s Building ID
  • • User’s City
  • • User’s Region
  • • User’s Country
  • • User’s Postal Code