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Activity-Based Alerting

We’re excited to announce the release of a new type of Alert that will speed up the identification and remediation of security risks. Activity-based Alerts take advantage of event-related data, representing a deeper level of information than we’ve ever brought into BetterCloud before. These Alerts are available now for both Okta and Dropbox.

Okta Activity-based Alerts

With Okta handling your Single Sign-On (SSO), activity in Okta has even greater security implications than any other single application. We’ve added five new Okta Alerts to monitor this activity:

  • Successful User Login
  • Invalid Delegated Authentication Via Active Directory
  • User Attempted SSO Into Application
  • Failed User Login
  • Successful Delegated Authentication Via Active Directory

You can now configure Alerts to target suspicious login attempts, or even successful logins to high profile user accounts coming from unapproved IP addresses. With many available conditions to scope your Alerts, you can configure as many Alerts as you need, targeted to the exact parameters that matter most to your domain.

Dropbox Activity-based Alerts

Your organization’s Dropbox files contain a massive amount of sensitive data. Beyond the Alerts already available for directory changes and file and folder sharing, the new Dropbox Alerts provide a more granular view of the actions being taken on your domain’s files, as well as access to Dropbox more broadly through successful and failed logins. We have created four new Alerts:

  • File Previewed By User
  • File Downloaded By User
  • Successful User Login
  • Failed User Login

File downloads underscore the impact of Activity-based Alerting. While file downloads are a normal part of using Dropbox as a collaborative platform, downloads of sensitive files can indicate a potential security risk that requires administrator intervention. Bringing these new events into BetterCloud gives you an unprecedented level of insight into the data leaving your domain, and allows you to take automated action in response by configuring Workflows based on the Alerts.

Note: Activity-based Alerting is only available for customers on the Enterprise Plan. For more information on your subscription or to schedule a training session on Activity-based Alerts, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email