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Customer Tools

We’ve released two new features outside of the application to help you get the most out of BetterCloud. Our new filterable actions library allows you to strategically plan new automations, while a customer-facing feature request portal gives you direct input into future releases.

Filterable Actions Library

Our actions library at offers filters to help you dig deeper into BetterCloud’s functionality. All in-app actions are listed there, and you can filter them not only by connector or entity type, but also by specific use cases. Want to speed up your offboarding process with a Workflow but don’t know where to start? Take a look at our offboarding actions – complete with action descriptions – to jumpstart your process. Or, take a deep dive into a connector like Slack or Dropbox to see what actions BetterCloud will be able to automate for you in these applications. Once you’ve filtered by a connector and use case, you can then use the share functionality to collaborate with the rest of your team.

Feature Request Portal

In order to encourage direct feedback from our customers, we’ve launched a Feature Request Portal for submitting and organizing feature requests. In addition to suggesting features of your own, you can also vote on fellow customers’ requests, giving our team deep insight into what functionality is in demand, and what we should build next. Our product team is closely monitoring new requests and leaving comments as they have new information. Whether it’s a new connector, another action for an existing connector, or even a Workflow trigger, we want to make sure your voice is heard, so head over to and submit your top request!