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Sender Control in Send Email Action & API Response Enhancement

We’ve made a couple of feature enhancements to give you greater control over how BetterCloud deals with email notifications and how the API responds to action errors in workflows.

Sender Control in Send Email action

  • BetterCloud’s Send Email action now enables you to customize the email address your email is coming from
  • Previously, the email was sent from notifications@bettercloud, but now you can replace that with your company’s trusted email address.
  • Your end users are more likely to read and react appropriately to an email that comes from an authoritative email address within your company than from a generic email from notifications@bettercloud, which may be mistakenly interpreted as irrelevant to the receiving end user. 

API Response for Integration Center Actions

  • The way that custom action error responses come back has been updated based on the API response that occurs:
    • If the error is with the provider, then the response comes back as “custom action”
      • The information provided back will help IT understand the changes needed to execute a successful workflow
    • If the error is not with the provider, then the response comes back as “internal”
  • This enhancement will make identifying the source of integration action errors easier and, as a result, help you remediate these errors more quickly.