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OneLogin + BetterCloud work together to fully automate advanced end-to-end user onboarding and offboarding. OneLogin does the initial user provisioning and gives access to applications, and BetterCloud uses advanced workflows to ensure that users natively have the correct level of access and permissions within specific applications.

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Online Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

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3 Keys to SaaS Management & Security

What are 300 Okta customers doing that you're not?

Explain Like I'm Five:
GDPR Updates & CCPA

Data privacy expert 
Jodi Daniels explains it all 

Anthony Ancheta

IT Manager, Lime

David Politis

CEO, BetterCloud

The Top IT Habits of
Successful Unicorns

Using BetterCloud + OneLogin's powerful integration for SaaSOps and ULM

An online panel discussion with IT experts from the front lines of hyper growth

Matt Kauffman

IT Help Desk Manager, Toast

Vicky Couturier 

IT Sytems Director, InVision

Jason Lyman

VP, Corporate & Product Marketing, BetterCloud

About the Speakers:

It’s more important than ever for IT to gain full control over their SaaS environments and empower users to engage with technology securely. Learn how integrating your IDaaS and SaaSOps platforms can empower your organization while maximizing efficiency and security.

Date:   Thurs, May 21 | 2pm ET

Format:   30 min overview & 15 min Q&A

Advanced Onboarding and Offboarding

We’ll cover:

Manage changes in user access, roles, and permissions, and automate the associated IT processes to save time and reduce the risk of configuration errors. BetterCloud listens for changes to user identity in OneLogin and uses automated workflows to ensure that their access 
and permissions in applications change 
in parallel.

OneLogin and BetterCloud provide full-spectrum visibility and auditability across user authentication and provisioning and applications. OneLogin and BetterCloud work together to enable least privilege access, scan content for sensitive data, and automatically monitor and remediate suspicious activity.

Mid-lifecycle Management

Enhanced Security

Jason Lyman joined BetterCloud earlier this year as a Vice President leading the Corporate & Product Marketing functions. Prior to BetterCloud, Jason ran product marketing and growth at Podium, which recently become a tech unicorn, and spent 4 years at Dropbox where he served as Global Head of Product Marketing.

Solutions Engineer, OneLogin

Trevor Huntting

Trevor is a Solutions Engineer at OneLogin. Prior to joining OneLogin, his solutions engineering experiences involved working with IT leaders to select and implement IT project management software and best practices.