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Google Admin Console Guide

The Google Admin Console is a management tool provided by Google for G Suite administrators. It allows administrators to maintain all their G Suite services from one dashboard. With the Google Admin Console, administrators can configure settings for G Suite, monitor the usage of their domains, create user accounts, and more.

After you login to, you can access the Google Admin Console dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with controls for performing the administrative tasks that you need. Some of these controls may be hidden at first, but can easily be accessed from the More Controls option that is located at the bottom of the dashboard page. You can easily add these extra controls to the main area of your dashboard and arrange them however you want.

Some of the most common controls you will probably use are Users, Groups, Admin Roles, Apps and Reports. Other controls that are also included are Company Profile, Domains, Billing, Security, Support, Migration, Device Management, and App Engine Apps.

Google Admin Console – Common Controls

User – Allows you to add and remove users and also manage the hierarchy of organizational units to which users belong. The User section of the Google Admin Console also allows you to manage which Google apps and services individual users and organizational units have access to.

Group – This section of the Google Admin Console allows you to add and remove groups, edit group membership roles, access settings (permissions), name, description, and email address.

Admin Roles – Allows you to assign administrator roles to other users. You can promote a user to the level of a Super Administrator, which will allow them to perform all tasks on the Google Admin Console, or you can assign a custom role that lets you pick which tasks they will be perform. Admin Roles also allow you to choose pre-built roles provided by Google such as Groups Admin or User Management Admin.

Apps – Allows you to pick and choose your domain’s Google apps and services and configure their settings. The types of apps and services in the Google Admin Console include: G Suite core tools like Gmail, Calendars, Drive, etc., Google Marketplace Apps, and other Google services such as YouTube, Google+, etc.

Reports – Allow you to observe potential security risks and track specific user activities. The Reports section of the Google Admin Console is organized by Highlights, Security, Apps Usage Activity, Account Activity, and Audits.

Google Admin Console Drawbacks

Although G Suite Admin Console gives administrators basic controls to manage their domains, its user interface can be difficult to understand, complicated to use, and not scalable for larger organizations.

BetterCloud provides all the functionality of the Google Admin Console as well as user lifecycle management, data discovery, and IT and security automation, all integrated within a comprehensive and web-based interface. Thousands of organizations have turned to BetterCloud to improve the efficiency of IT processes, increase security, and gain granular management features unavailable in the G Suite Admin Console.

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