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Benchmarking Assessment

Gain deep insight into your SaaS environment to support data-driven decision making

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Unparalleled visibility

Detailed analysis of the apps, users, files, & workflows being managed by BetterCloud

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Patented technology that turns unorganized data into actionable insights

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Compares your data to your industry peers

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Customizable based on your environment and needs

Maximize efficiency, minimize risk

Actionable insights enable you to streamline operations, improve employee experience, and protect your data.

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Identify which areas of your SaaS environment need IT’s attention

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Prove ROI and elevate IT as a strategic business partner

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Unlock the full potential of BetterCloud to maximize operational efficiency



Learn about how SaaS users are managed across disparate applications.



Understand how workflows are helping reduce manual error and increase visibility.



Learn about how files are secured across multiple SaaS file solutions.

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