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Fully offboard departing employees in minutes

Offboarding employees can be a time-consuming and challenging process. There are countless details to consider, from revoking access to applications and company systems, to ensuring that sensitive data is securely wiped from devices. Without an automated offboarding process in place, your IT team could be wasting time trying to cover all the necessary steps.


With BetterCloud, you can go beyond deprovisioning to automate intelligent, comprehensive offboarding workflows built for IT efficiency and security.

Eliminate manual tasks and reduce the risk of human error

Offboard in minutes to prevent data theft or loss

Automatically transfer document ownership

Remotely lock device access

Start workflows outside of IT with a ticket or form

 Start automation with unlimited out-of-the-box workflows


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Curve combines BetterCloud and OneLogin to manage hypergrowth

Curve is a fast-growing fintech with a lean IT department. As the company grew, their IT team began wasting hours with repetitive, manual user lifecycle management tasks. To improve efficiency and security, they combined the power of OneLogin and BetterCloud. OneLogin provided single-sign-on (SSO) and role-based access control, while BetterCloud’s workflow engine automated Curve’s onboarding and offboarding processes. Today, Curve has connected the majority of their applications with OneLogin and BetterCloud, and can completely onboard or offboard an employee in minutes.


Prevent data loss

Keep company data safe by fully automating your offboarding process. With just a ticket or form fill, you can kick off a multi-step offboarding workflow that revokes access to multiple applications and devices in minutes.

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Remove two-step backup codes

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Suspend accounts and reset passwords

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Account wipe mobile data

Increase IT efficiency

Reduce the time required to offboard an employee from an average of nine hours to less than 30 minutes. Create powerful workflows that perform extensive cleanup actions across your entire SaaS portfolio.

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Assign Google Vault licenses

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Delete future calendar events

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Remove access to shared resources


Ensure business continuity

Automatically transfer document ownership from a departing employee to their manager to safeguard company data and ensure uninterrupted access to shared files. Add wait times, email notifications, and approvals into your offboarding workflows to ensure supervisors and colleagues are properly informed.

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Set up email forwarding auto replies

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Preserve data for compliance audits

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Automatically transfer file, calendar, and group ownership


What else can BetterCloud help you do?


Overcome SaaS sprawl and optimize your spend

Discover what applications are being used in your company with BetterCloud. Find out who is using them, and see what access those apps have to your company’s data. Identify overlapping SaaS app functionality to consolidate app usage and reclaim unused licenses. Automatically remove unapproved or redundant third party apps that users attempt to bring into your SaaS environment.

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Set up email forwarding auto replies

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Remove risky apps

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Save on licensing spend

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Improve employee productivity


Enjoy zero stress with zero-touch automation

Eliminate manual, repetitive IT tasks with BetterCloud’s workflow engine. Efficiently manage employee departures with workflows that automatically remove access and transfer files—keeping your company data secure. Onboarding workflows created from pre-configured, multistep templates make sure your new hires are ready on day one with all the access they need.

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Automate ULM and routine updates

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Perform bulk changes

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Onboard and offboard in minutes

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Manage all your SaaS apps in one place

BetterCloud is the highest rated and most complete SaaS Management Platform on G2

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in nine of its Winter 2023 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security.

Thousands of Customers Trust BetterCloud