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More and more companies are instituting a mandatory work-from-home policy in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

As creators of a community of over 70,000 IT and security pros, BetterCloud conducted a real-time survey to gauge IT preparedness for a fully remote workforce. 

Then, we pulled the community together for an online chat to discuss insights from the survey and the top concerns we're hearing around security, communications, and productivity.

Securing non-sanctioned devices and monitoring application usage outside the network

Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

Online Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

IT Community Discussion

What are 300 Okta customers doing that you're not?

Explain Like I'm Five:
GDPR Updates & CCPA

Data privacy expert 
Jodi Daniels explains it all 

Anthony Ancheta

IT Manager, Lime

David Politis

CEO, BetterCloud

The Top IT Habits of
Successful Unicorns

COVID-19, mandatory work from home, and the key challenges for IT in today’s new normal.

With a panel of IT leaders, we covered:

An online panel discussion with IT experts from the front lines of hyper growth

Matt Kauffman

IT Help Desk Manager, Toast

Vicky Couturier 

IT Sytems Director, InVision

David Politis

CEO, BetterCloud

Mike Stone

Travis Whiteaker

IT Engineering Manager, Squarespace

Services Architect, BetterCloud

Rose Layton

Strategic Tech Partner, Strada Education Network

Sometimes, it takes a community

Brian Farrell

IT Manager, BetterCloud

Creating a central communications strategy and messaging
Addressing the concern that remote work creates loss of productivity

Senior IT Manager, 

Sean Glang