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Tools and workflows for every step of the user lifecycle.

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Let BetterCloud simplify your identity and access management. Through a comprehensive toolset, streamline tedious user and directory maintenance tasks and standardize critical processes like user onboarding and purging. Our bulk tools bring much needed time savings, and multi-step workflows help you make sure you never miss a step. And, what’s more, BetterCloud will constantly scan your directory and alert you with any inefficiencies or errors.

Key Functionality


Follow the guided workflow to thoroughly onboard a new user, granting them access to messaging and collaboration tools from day 1.


Ditch your spreadsheet and follow the 10-step wizard to transfer files and other owned assets, reset the user’s password, and more.

User 360

Gain a complete view of an individual user–from account activity and group memberships to cloud apps installed–then make adjustments.


Manage group settings and memberships individually or in bulk from an all-in-one console.

KEY FEATURES: User Management, Groups Management, User Deprovisioning, User Provisioning, Access Controls

Complete Guide To User Onboarding & Deprovisioning
Onboarding and deprovisioning users in Google Apps is a multi-step process that provides many opportunities to make mistakes. This guide covers every step of onboarding and deprovisioning users, with special attention given to timesaving tips and techniques. Download the FREE guide→