Third-Party Apps Policies


Use Apps Explorer to audit all third-party applications that users have installed and authenticated access to using their Google Apps credentials. Automate users’ compliance with company policy by creating Apps Explorer policies, and keep your domain secure by automatically revoking access to a risky application.

  • Create policies for individual users, Org. Units, or the entire domain, or layer multiple policies
  • Determine what criteria results in whitelisting or blacklisting an app
  • Determine the level of domain access requested by each application
  • Set conditions based on the data access an app requests, scope of the installs, or permission score


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What permissions can a third-party app request?

FlashPanel allows you to filter by the following permissions that an app can request: Drive – read/write, Directory – read/write, Email – read/write, Domain – read/write, Account – read/write, Other – read/write Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

What should I look for when evaluating a third-party application?

There are several things to check when determining if an app is approved on your domain, such as the vendor’s security certifications and reputation, the application’s reviews and reputation in the Marketplace, and the permissions the app requests. Make sure that based on the functionality the app provides it needs all of the permissions it asks for, and nothing additional. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

How can I revoke an application?

FlashPanel allows you to whitelist and blacklist certain applications. Adding an application to the blacklist will revoke it’s access to your data and prevent users from using the application any longer. Consider letting users know when you do so and why you deemed the app unfit for your domain. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

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